how can sand casting processes benefit you

A combination of iron-carbon alloys having carbon content more than 2% is called casting iron. Casting iron is likely to be brittle except for malleable cast iron. Whereas the processes which involves sand as molding material is called sand casting processes. It is an estimation that more than 70% of metal castings are made through this process. The factories where sand casting is done are called foundries. A bonding material is also added which is mostly clay. To make the mixture soft water is added. Sand casting can be categorized as casting iron, casting steel, etc. The mold boxes where sand is kept are called flask.

The benefits of the sand casting processes:

· It is cost-effective.

· Its tools are also low priced.

· Molds made of sand are cheap.

· The end product is rigid and generally stable as compared to others from the alternate methods.

· Materials do not waste as recycling is also possible after this process.

· Duration between the sample and the end product is not too long.

· Sand casting when done through machines can increase the production.

· Sand casting molds can help in making complicated shapes which are relatively difficult when made with machines.